Florida Man June 3: Food Fight!

These three tales from Florida man June 3 showcase what it can be like to live in the sunshine state. Florida is full of weird things, from creatures that want to kill you to alligators that can climb fences.

What you probably didn’t expect, though, was the sheer confusion that Florida Man could leave you in. Take a look at some of these Florida man stories from June 3rd, and you will see precisely what we are talking about.


Florida Man June 3: Attack of the Pizza

Pizza is probably one of the most loved foods around the world. Two roommates in Florida started to argue about their beloved foods when one of the roommates decided he wanted to stop the fight, but how did he do that?

Florida Man threw a slice of the pizza at the roommate, committing a major party foul. Turns out he was also committing a crime.

Florida Man was arrested for his attack with pizza on his roommate.

Florida Man June 3: Angry Cheeseburger Man

This Florida Man turned himself in. He walked into a Sheriff’s department in Florida, telling anyone that would listen that he had problems.

Two problems in particular. One was that he no longer had a cheeseburger. The other was that he had issues with anger management.

The man had gotten into an argument with one of his pregnant family members. He threw a cheeseburger in that family member’s face when he wasn’t winning the fight.

As if the poor woman (and cheeseburger) hadn’t suffered enough, he pushed the woman to the ground.

Florida Man June 3

Florida Man June 3: Punching A Police Dog

A Florida man was trying to cause a riot in St. Petersburg by throwing items at the windows of stations in the city. No one would join him, though, and that made him unhappy.

He decided the objects he was hurling were not enough when others didn’t join. He picked up a newspaper stand and threw it at a gas station.

Police attempted to arrest the man, and he took off running. Police let the K9 go, and Florida Man punched the K9 and his handler.

Dogs are precious, and the police responded appropriately, catching the man. He was arrested on multiple felony charges, including assault on an officer.

Final Thoughts

June 3 brought us some exciting tales of Florida man. Liked what you heard here today and want to read more. We have you covered. Take a look at some of our other days in history to see more of what Florida Man has to offer.

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