Florida Man August 28 – These Stories Are The GOAT

Florida is full of a lot of crazy things but one of the craziest of them is Florida Man, If August 28 is your birthday, take a look at some of the stories of what he has been up to. We have collected a variety of Florida Man tales for you to read based on what day they happened.

Florida Man August 28, 2020: Red Hot Handcuffs

We don’t cover many Florida Man stories with the police being the Florida Man but we have one for you today. A Lee County Deputy attempted to stop a 91-year-old woman for running a stop sign. She pulled over into her own driveway. 

She attempted to call her husband who was inside the house but the deputy prevented her from doing that. When she attempted to get her husband from the house, the deputy put her in handcuffs. Deputy Florida Man claimed that he thought she was attempting to flee. 

The old woman was placed in handcuffs that must have been left on the deputy’s dashboard or something during the heat because they were burning hot. They ended up causing the woman to bleed everywhere. The woman had never received a single traffic ticket in her life.

Deputy Florida Man’s boss was great though. He met with the woman in person and apologized to her. Not just that, he wrote a check from his own bank account to cover the cost of the ticket. Further, he issued a mandate for all deputies in his department to go through additional training.

Florida Woman August 28, 2019: Woman takes Husband’s Guns

Florida WoMan became estranged from her husband and decided that it would be a great idea to take her husband’s guns from him and turn them into the police. She originally had claimed that he had battered her but inconsistencies with her story and the fact she installed an illegal tracker on her exes’ vehicle those charges were dismissed. Florida WoMan was originally charged with a crime for taking the guns but prosecutors dismissed that. We are kind of left wondering why because she had tracked his car and acted weird. As long as he had not committed any crimes, we hope that he got his guns back.

August 28, 2018: Half-Naked Goat Walk

A short but good story about Florida Man and his goat, it’s sure to give you a good laugh. A cold, rainy day with clouds. You are driving down the road when you come by a goat on a leash. Then you notice the man walking him. You immediately notice he is a Florida Man because he is walking the leashed goat wearing only his underwear and a hat.

Florida Man was originally wearing clothes but somewhere along the line of walking his goat, he lost all of his clothes but his bright yellow underpants.

Florida Man was not doing anything wrong according to the local police. If you want to see the Florida Man, a few drivers took photos of him. Search August 28th Florida Man half-naked goat walk. It should be pretty easy to find.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man does quite a lot. We really encourage you to take a look at the pictures of the half-naked Florida Man and his goat. You’ll get a kick out of it. If you want to know more about what Florida Man gets up to, we encourage you to take a look at some of the other days we have covered. You will find quite a lot to enjoy.