Florida Man August 26 – Florida Man Is At It Again

We can’t think of any state that has residents that are more famous than Florida Man. Florida Man coverage could be its own television show and would probably run as long as cops, if not longer. Are you wondering what Florida Man has been up to on August 26th? Take a look at some of these intense stories.

Florida Man August 26 2019: He Thinks He is God

On August 26th Florida Man decided it would be a great idea to touch random people at an Aldi Supermarket. He also prayed for them, claiming that he was god. That is the last thing that we need though, Florida Man thinking he is god. We don’t need him thinking that he is almighty and powerful. 

Upon arriving, Police found Florida Man yelling at the staff of the Aldi Market. Officers asked Florida Man to leave but he just began arguing with them. When attempting to arrest Florida Man they were met with more scripture and a fight. 

The Florida Man smelled like he hadn’t bathed for a while and was greasy, making it hard for the police to hold him. Tasers were deployed and not effective, likely due to all of the grease. Two officers had to hold Florida Man down until more officers could arrive. The man received a variety of charges.

Florida Man August 26, 2020: Whacking Walmart

Florida Man does some strange things. On August 26 Florida Man decided it would be a great idea to go to Walmart on and start whacking his meat for customers. In the documented case he followed a lady to her car as she was carrying out her groceries and displayed his meat for her. After finishing he ran away. He was caught several blocks away and charged with indecent exposure.

Florida Man August 26, 2019: Drunk Alligator

Two Florida Men decided that it would be a great idea to catch an alligator on August 26th, 2019. With their bare hands they took the alligator and decided to see what they could do with it. In the end, they ended up enticing the alligator to bite one of their arms so they could get his mouth open. With the mouth open, they fed the alligator beer. 

For some reason it took until October for the Florida Men to be arrested on charges. Once they were arrested though, the two men sang like canaries. It doesn’t help their case though that it was all caught on camera. The police refused to release the video to the media and we were definitely left wondering how Florida Man got away with all of his fingers.

August 26, 2020: Dining and Dashing

For most dining and dashing stopped when we got out of school but not for this Florida Man. This Florida Man ate $34 worth of food from a popular pancake house. After telling the workers he forgot his wallet in his car, he of course disappeared. Later in the day deputies attempted to arrest him but he managed to flee. After fleeing he was finally found and arrested. Florida Man doesn’t seem to understand that dining and dashing don’t go well.

Final Thoughts

As you can see Florida Man does quite a lot. From simple crimes to some of the weirdest things that you have heard of, Florida Man has done it all and more. What do you think he will do next? Make sure to read some of the other days of the year we have covered to see what else Florida Man has gotten up to. You might be surprised even further.