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Katy Perry Performance Overseas Brings Two Skeletons on Stage. When Fans Figure Out Who They Are…

Last week at the Grammy Awards, Katy Perry performed her new song “Chained To The Rhythm,” and throughout the act, it became apparent she was pushing a political agenda.

For those who missed it, the singer positioned the word “PERSIST,” in her backdrop and ended the performance with a projection of the Constitution, while holding hands with the collaborator on the track, Skip Marley:

And now, it’s becoming clear that Perry has a lot more to say.

That pop star was overseas at the BRIT Awards in London, U.K., on Wednesday night when she performed her new single, once again. This time, however, she made sure there was no misunderstanding her message.

While performing, Perry brought out two massive skeletons that were dressed up to look like U.S. President Trump and Theresa May, the British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party, :