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Jackie Evancho Was the Darling of the Inauguration, Now She’s Got a Challenge for President Trump

Jackie Evancho became a teen singing sensation by agreeing to perform at Trump’s presidential inauguration while the pressure was high.

She saw a steep increase in interest in her music via outlets like Amazon, was interviewed on “Fox and Friends,” and was gracious enough to provide an interview to Independent Journal Review.

Now, Evancho’s showing through her post-election actions that her Inauguration Day performance for President Trump was a professional decision.

After the Trump administration announced that it would overturn former President Obama’s executive order mandating schools allow those students who identify as transgender to use the bathroom of their choice, Evancho has piped up with a challenge for the administration:

As Mediaite points out, the issue is a personal one for Jackie Evancho: Her sister Juliet identifies as transgender. She revealed to ABC News ahead of her national anthem performance that Juliet would be undergoing surgery and that she regretted not being there for her sister:

Since her sister first came out publicly as transgender, Jackie said she’s been “really excited” for the day when Juliet could undergo the surgery.

“It sucks for me to not be there for her but I’m going through something really big on the same time,” Jackie Evancho said. “So, I guess we both just wish we could be there for each other. It’s unfortunate it’s on the same time but we were there in spirit.”

“Two major points in our lives and we can’t be there for each other,” she added, getting teary-eyed. “It does suck sometimes.”

Since her rendition of the national anthem, Evancho is showing that she can separate her Inaugural performance for the president from her political opinion.

It will be interesting to see if President Trump accepts Evancho’s offer, now that she’s become a mild critic and may no longer be the darling of Trump supporters.

From IJR.