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The Media Tried To Sweep This Under The Rug, But Here’s Why Everyone Is Praising What Melania Just Did!

Over the weekend, President Trump held a rally in Florida. However, before the President took the stage, the First Lady introduced him. The way she did it has left liberals fuming and personally attacking her.

Melania made her way to the podium and began by thanking the crowd. Then, in a move no one was expecting, she began to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

Watch the full video below.

It was an amazing moment for Christianity in America. However, what happened next was truly disheartening.

Many people took to social media to discredit Melania for leading the prayer.  They made fun of her accent and the fact that she appeared to read the prayer, instead of memorizing it.

The mainstream media also tried to brush the event off and didn’t give it near the coverage it deserved.

We are so blessed to have a President and First Lady who are bringing God and Christianity back o the forefront of America.  We pray for their safety and ask the Lord to bless them both with wisdom as they look to guide this nation.

From FFA.