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Michele Malkin shuts up Trump’s immigration order critics on Lou Dobbs Tonight

Appearing on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network, Conservative Review Senior Editor Michelle Malkin, host of “Michelle Malkin Investigates,” made the case that President Trump has the statutory authority to pass his immigration order.

Malkin cited Daniel Horowitz’s piece, “7 statutes that CLEARLY support Trump’s immigration executive order,” explaining that President Trump has “broad authority” from Congress to restrict immigration.

“It isn’t just one federal statute that gives President Trump the broad authority to exclude any immigrant or nonimmigrant into this country for whatever reason,” Malkin said, noting that Horowitz has found seven such statutes.

Lou Dobbs also asked Malkin to give her thoughts regarding the president’s criticism of the mainstream media.

“Well get out the smelling salts, because these delicate souls can’t stand even the mildest criticism from folks who see right through them,” Malkin quipped, ripping into the mainstream media’s Trump derangement syndrome.

“… the fact that it is the commander in chief who finally has the guts and the spine to finally call them out is making them more unhinged than I’ve seen in the last quarter century that I’ve been in this business,” Malkin said.

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