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Rand Paul Is the Last Person You’d Expect to Defend Trump, but McCain Just Put Him Over The Top…

President Trump has made no secret of his feelings about the media. Throughout his campaign, and since his victory, he has been hitting them hard on things such as “fake news”.

In keeping with that narrative, on Friday, the president tweeted this message about the press being “the enemy of the American people”:Then, during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was asked to share his thoughts on the tweet:

McCain answered host Chuck Todd’s question about the tweet with a statement about “how dictators get started”:

“I was talking about the period, as you know, the New World Order. A fundamental part of that New World Order was a free press. I hate the press. I hate you, especially. But, the fact is, I, we need you. We need a free press. We must have it. It’s vital.

If you want to preserve, I’m very serious now, if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free, and many times, adversarial press. Without it, I’m afraid we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. That’s how dictators get started.”

He then clarified for Todd that he wasn’t referring to the tweet, per se:

“They get started by suppressing a free press. In other words, a consolidation of power, when you look at history, the first thing the dictators do is shut down the press. I’m not saying that President Trump is trying to be a dictator. I’m just saying we need to learn the lessons of history.”

McCain’s statement came under fire from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) during his own interview on Sunday with ABC’s “This Week”:

“The thing is, I don’t agree with his analysis and applying that to the president. I haven’t seen any legislation coming forward that wants to limit the press. I see President Trump expressing his opinion, rather forceful, in his own distinct way, but I see no evidence that anybody’s putting forward any kind of legislation to limit the press.

This is colored by John MCain’s disagreement with President Trump. It all is. Everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he’s got running with President Trump. And it should be taken with a grain of salt because John McCain’s the guy that’s advocated for war everywhere, he would bankrupt the nation, and actually, we’re very luck John McCain’s not in charge because I think we’d be in perpetual war.”

Watch Senator Rand Paul’s full commentary on ABC’s “This Week” below:

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