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Chelsea Clinton Speaks Out on Trump “Pay For Play”; Backfires Big Time

After her mother lost in epic fashion, Chelsea Clinton has taken to social media in a laughable effort to attack President Donald Trump, and her latest attempt to call him out for alleged “pay to play” broke the hypocrisy meter.

Chelsea Clinton has been quite vocal on social media of late — more so than she was during the election.

And she has used her voice, on a pretty regular basis, to criticize the man who bested her mother — President Donald Trump — and members of his staff.

Her most recent critique came on the heels of a comment from The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, who questioned how easily Mar-a-Lago guests could access foreign dignitaries and Trump administration officials:

 Rucker tweeted: “Trump hashed out response to North Korea’s missile launch in the dining room at Mar-a-Lago, eavesdroppers galore.”

BizPac Review reported that Clinton added her own two cents when she tweeted: “How many of Mar-a-Lago’s new members will be (already are?) members of foreign intelligence agencies & media organizations?”

Twitter users quickly jumped on Clinton’s massive hypocrisy, as her lavish lifestyle has been well funded by the family slush fund that ran on pay for play.