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Rush Just PERFECTLY Described The Post-Obama Democrat Party

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just perfectly described the Democrat Party — especially the ramped up version of it in the post-Obama era — as “the hate party.”

Limbaugh explained, courtesy of The Right Scoop:

They are the hate group. The Democrat Party, that’s their fuel. That’s what energizes them is their hate. And for them to sit here and act like they’re the most compassionate and tolerant and peaceful and understanding is just a bunch of hogwash. The American people that voted for Trump are hated. The Republican Party is hated. The alternative conservative media is hated.

George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump. Take your pick. They are hated; they are not opposed, and I wish an even bigger percentage of the American people would figure this out. The American people are running around thinking that all the hate and the racism and all these other isms are located on the Republican Party side. The Republican Party has bent over backwards not even criticizing Democrats in hopes that people wouldn’t think they’re what the Democrats say they are, while the Democrats go out and behave that way times ten all the time every day and never get called on it.

But they are the hate groups, they are the hate party, they are the people that literally thrive and subsist on it. And you can see it. You can see it in these protests. You can see it in these so-called acts of dissent, which are nothing more than riots.

Hate is all the Democrat Party really has anymore. They have been roundly repudiated, expediting their descent into the bowels of the Left.

Instead of recognizing that the American people are fed up with their identity politics, bigotry, and hate-fueled agenda, they have doubled down.

The Left doesn’t want to do what’s best for America — they want to fundamentally transform it by opening our borders (as do a frightening number of those who claim to be on the “right”) and destroying the Constitution.

Since most (if not all) rational people who take a moment to really think about the left’s agenda recognize how insane it is, they have to use smoke and mirrors along with emotional appeals to hide the facts from the masses.

Their main strategy is to project who they really are onto the right — hateful bigots.

The Left has pushed identity politics as well as political correctness and demonized anyone who doesn’t get on board with their insanity, simply invoking them any time someone disagrees with their orthodoxy.

As we’ve seen with the violent riots, the Left has fomented and encouraged a level of hate that has ramped up since the election of President Donald Trump, which makes it more evident than ever that Trump has gotten under their skin and is doing a great deal right.

From TFP.