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This SEAL Was There the Night Chris Kyle Says He Knocked Out Jesse Ventura. He Tells Us What Really Happened

Retired Navy SEAL sniper Charlie Melton, the badass who trained legends such as Navy SEALs Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell, threw down the gauntlet to former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura over his claims that Kyle lied about punching him in a San Diego bar.

Melton told Independent Journal Review that he was at the bar that night and personally vouched for his fallen SEAL brother.

Thursday was Chris Kyle Day, a day of remembrance declared by the state of Texas, which means it’s a perfect time to hear Melton’s account of the Kyle’s infamous knockout:

“We were at a SEAL bar in San Diego called McP’s, and we were having a wake for one of our guys that just died, I believe it was Michael Monsoor. We were doing his wake after the funeral there.

And Jesse Ventura was in there…I was at the other end of the bar, but he said something kind of derogatory toward us losing guys or whatever and Chris did knock him out. Then we all left and went to Danny’s, which is another bar down the street.”

We then asked, “So Jesse went down?”

“Yes, sir,” Melton responded. “And there were several team guys there that night too.”

When asked why Ventura would lie about the incident and drag Kyle’s family through court proceedings, Melton said it could be for the publicity.

“Personal opinion, Jesse Ventura has probably lost his mind a little bit,” he added.

Ventura was recently handed a legal defeat when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his defamation case against the estate of the late Chris Kyle. Ventura is still seeking $1.8 million from Kyle’s estate.

Melton spoke to IJR last month during a “try and buy” shooting event in Henderson, Nevada, put on by Anteris Alliance, a network of gun manufacturers and service providers dedicated to supporting veterans, first responders, and their families.

Before you can join the Anteris Alliance network, companies have to show how they benefit veterans or first responders in a tangible way. That’s step one. Companies also have to demonstrate that their product and customer service is top-notch. It’s something of an exclusive club comprised of some of the biggest military veteran names, including “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell and his Team Never Quit ammunition.

Melton also operates Charlie Mike Precision, a shooting instruction company in Normangee, Texas, that offers customers the chance to be trained by a Navy SEAL legend. Charlie Mike Precision offers long-range rifle training, pistol instruction and will soon offer “elite expeditions.”

From IJR.