Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Pelosi loves to say idiotic things on national tv. Here are the 3 worst from ‘Meet the Press’

In a Sunday morning interview on “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd questioned House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (F, 10%) on President Trump’s executive order on refugees, the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch, and whether the Democrats need new leaders in order to appeal to Americans they’ve lost touch with.

Here are three of Pelosi’s weakest, most partisan statements on “Meet the Press”:

Trump instituted an “unconstitutional, immoral ban on Muslims”

First, Pelosi and other Democrats keep insisting that Trump’s executive order suspending the refugee program for 120 days while vetting processes are reviewed is unconstitutional. But where in the Constitution does it say that the United States must let anyone and everyone in the world — even from dangerous areas — into the country?

As Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz has written, “Based on 200 years of case law, the accepted laws of nation states, and the principles of the social compact, popular sovereignty, and jurisdictional sovereignty, the American people — as expressed through their elected representatives — have the right to exclude or deport any non-citizen for any reason.”

Nominating Judge Gorsuch to SCOTUS was merely another “diversionary tactic”

Pelosi told Todd: “The election was about improving the lives of the American people. About the future, about jobs, financial stability, and the rest. Where is there initiative for that? So when they don’t do something, they have a diversionary tactic: A Muslim ban. When that isn’t working, they move up the appointment of a justice of the Supreme Court.”

So nominating a judge to fill a year-long vacancy on the Supreme Court is a “diversionary tactic” for not having a jobs plan Nancy Pelosi likes?

Todd: “Do Democrats need new leaders?” Pelosi: “That’s not the point.”

Talk about “diversionary tactics”: When Todd asked Pelosi, “I want to get back to the issue of Democrats having lost touch with the Rust Belt … does the Democratic Party need new leaders? Whether it’s Hillary Clinton, yourself, Chuck Schumer, you’ve all been in power a long time. There was a rejection of that in the 2016 election. Do you accept that?”

In a word: No.

Pelosi argued that, “Right now we need experience,” and the desire for new Democratic leadership is “not the point.”

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