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ALERT: Calls for Coup Against Trump Erupt

Two weeks after Donald Trump took office, the new president has already managed to follow through on several of his campaign promises.

And that’s enough for the left to start talking about a coup.

Not content to just engage in violence and intimidation on the streets of Washington or the campus at Berkeley, the left has begun talking about the forcible removal of the man America elected to lead it for the next four years.

Apparently, when the ballot box doesn’t work out for liberals, it’s time to start talking as if this great land was an unstable satrapy or a repressive junta. And — surprise, surprise — the loudest call yet has come from Trump-hating Hollywood.

Sarah Silverman, the outspoken liberal comedienne and actress, made news on Wednesday when she called for the military to remove President Trump.

According to Breitbart, Silverman delivered an all-caps diatribe against the president, saying ““WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE.”

The tweet was inexplicably followed by a series of emoji hearts, because what else says “love” quite like calls for a bloody military overthrow?

This is far from Silverman’s first time taking a misguided stab at the new president. “For a lot of people, this is the Great Depression, but this time it’s emotional & physical,” she previously wrote. “Our bodies r breaking down w fear & rage…”

You know, there are medications for that.

While Silverman was the only one in Hollywood calling for an outright coup, others seemed to be intimating something similar. Liberal director/fartsmith Judd Apatow drew criticism after he posted a tweet after the anti-Milo Yiannopoulos rally at Berkeley in support of the rioting students.

“This is just the beginning,” Apatow wrote, according to Breitbart. “When will all the fools who are still supporting Trump realize what is at stake?”

That tweet has been deleted, because as we know, that always works when you say or do something cretinously stupid.

While the denizens of Hollywood may have been busy coup-baiting in 140 characters or less, of more concern is a long-form article by a former Obama official Rosa Brooks, who wrote a piece for Foreign Policy describing three ways the duly elected president of the United States could be taken out of office.

Brooks concedes that opponents would usually have to wait four years to elect a new president, but “after such a catastrophic first week, four years seems like a long time to wait.”

Yeah, a president following through on what he promised to do certainly seems catastrophic. Brooks first advocates impeachment, arguing that “Practically anything can be considered a ‘high crime or misdemeanor.’”

However, she concedes that this is unlikely, since Republicans control both houses. That’s why she has another brilliant idea:

“In these dark days, some around the globe are finding solace in the 25th Amendment to the Constitution,” Brooks writes. “This previously obscure amendment states that ‘the Vice President and a majority of … the principal officers of the executive departments’ can declare the president ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,’ in which case ‘the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.’”

That sounds a lot like Brooks wants to turn Mike Pence into Junius Brutus. I’m sure she has a more sensible explanation for this idea aside from — oh wait, no, that’s exactly her reasoning.

“This is option three for getting rid of Trump: an appeal to Vice President Mike Pence’s ambitions,” Brooks writes. “Surely Pence wants to be president himself one day, right? Pence isn’t exactly a political moderate — he’s been unremittingly hostile to gay rights, he’s a climate change skeptic, etc. — but, unappealing as his politics may be to many Americans, he does not appear to actually be insane. (This is the new threshold for plausibility in American politics: ‘not actually insane.’)”

Apparently, it’s not a threshold Foreign Policy — once a relatively respectable, if liberal-leaning, journal of public thought — saw fit to exercise when publishing Brooks’ piece.

If all of those plans don’t work — brilliant, well-thought-out ideas that they are — Brooks says to hell with the rule of law. She wants “a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders.”

I refuse to reprint her febrile arguments here, aside from the fact that they’re the same melange of “Trump is insane blah blah blah why won’t America listen to me blah blah blah etc.” For all her talk of Trump’s “insanity,” the idea of a senior adviser to Obama’s State Department advocating a Pinochet-style revolt against the duly elected president of the United States does not seem insane to Ms. Brooks.

While celebrities who seem to have gotten their degrees in political science from Facebook University calling for a coup against Trump is bad enough, an actual bureaucrat who held real power under the Obama administration suggesting it is beyond the pale.

It’s yet another sign that America’s political left has become truly unhinged.

From CT.