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President Trump Travels To Dover AFB To Personally Honor Fallen US SEAL

Chief Petty Officer and Navy SEAL Ryan Owens was the first soldier to die under President Trump’s administration.  His team was executing a raid against terror suspects in Yemen at an Al-Qaeda training camp.

Trump already reached out to the fallen SEAL’s family. He personally spoke with Owens’ family over the phone and thanked them for Ryan’s sacrifice for a grateful nation

But today he took it a step further. It all started when the President and his daughter Ivanka left the White House aboard Marine One.

The trip was secret and the media was in the dark, so of course they speculated and said typical liberal media non-sense:

It wasn’t announced where he was going and the White House press pool was moved in secret. The secrecy over his movement was because President Trump was honoring CPO Owens PERSONALLY:

President Trump was joined by Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons

The event was closed to media and the public:

Here is a report from the event.

Wow. I can’t imagine Obama did this for the first to fall under his command.

Donald Trump doesn’t just say he cares about our troops, he honestly means it. No one expected him to do this, especially in the hustle and bustle of his first 100 days in office.

I am so glad we finally have a President who cares about our Armed Forces again.

Thank you, President Trump for standing with our men and women in uniform.

From TPI.