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LOL! BARACK OBAMA Looks Ridiculous Criticizing Trump On Immigration After This 2005 Video Reveals A Much Different Obama [VIDEO]

Barack Obama has to be the world’s biggest hypocrite. Here he is in 2005 adamantly defending our borders: “We simply cannot allow for people to pour in, undocumented and unchecked.”

Isn’t it funny that only 9 years later, we all watched our PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES tell an illegal alien on TV that it’s okay for illegal aliens to vote in the upcoming election. So in 2005, it was against the law to enter our country illegally, but in 2016 they should not only flood into our country and overwhelm our nation, but they should also vote. 

But yeah…Trump is a “racist” for trying to clean up the mess Obama started.

From 100PFU.