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HOLY GLOBALIST SLAM! Nigel Farage Brilliantly DESTROYS EU Hypocrites Over Their Trashing Of President Trump [VIDEO]

No one gives it to the liberal hypocrites like the UK’s amazing Nigel Farage. This is PURE brilliance…enjoy! Wait until the end for the ultimate slap down of these EU Parliament globalists…

“It seems to me that actually with all of the anti-Trump rhetoric that is coming from everywhere actually what we’re hearing is the true nature of the EU project which is genuine anti-Americanism.  Trump is motivated by protecting the United States of America from Islamic terrorism, where as what has happened in this room and in governments around Europe is that you would welcome these people into your own homes.

But could we please, just for a moment look at the facts? Amongst all the hyperbole and the hysteria, all that Donald Trump has done is taken 7 countries that were identified by President Obama as posing a risk to the USA.

Where were you when Obama in 2011 banned any Iraqi from going into the country for 6 months?”

As an added bonus, watch Nigel Farage explains to the whiny liberal BBC host Andrew Neil why Donald Trump is right on defending the United States by putting more strenuous vetting in place in America, and why he’s doing exactly what the majority of Americans elected him to do:

From 100PFU.