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48 Percent of Americans Support President Trump’s Executive Orders

Donald Trump’s measures to stop terrorists from coming into this country have been met with controversy and protests. If you looked at the media and all the protests, you would think the vast majority of Americans are against the measure and think them racist and bigoted.

Well, you would be wrong. These poll numbers prove that America is behind Donald Trump.

These numbers must be shocking to the main-stream media!

This is great news. The American people saw through the media deception and got the facts!

The American people were fully “informed” of the measures by the media and even with all the lies and fake news surrounding it, they were able to understand what the measures truly meant. The average American is much smarter than the media gives them credit for.

Even a quarter of DEMOCRATS believe that Trump is doing the right thing.  President Trump is receiving bi-partisan support for his anti-terror measures and it honestly shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Trump was elected by a wide and unique cross-section of America. Conservatives, Democrats, Black, White, even Muslims came out for Trump in record numbers.  Americans knew that we needed drastic change and to DRAIN THE SWAMP. Government that listens to the people and is run BY the people is a non-partisan issue.

This of course comes as a shock to media elites. They live in their coastal bubbles and can’t understand why anyone would ever want to agree with anything Trump says. But the truth is, the American people elected him and know fully well what he was elected to do. He was brought to Washington to Maker America Safe Again!

From TPI.