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VIDEO: Lib Punks Burn American Flag… Suddenly FedEx Deliveryman Rains Down Surprise Justice

When a couple of punks decided they wanted to exercise their right to protest by burning the American flag, one FedEx driver took issue with that.

In Iowa, a protest broke out over “racial and social injustice and U.S. imperialism,” according to the Independent Journal Review. During the protest, which almost turned violent on Thursday, a FedEx driver witnessed some of the protesters burning the American flag.

So he did what any reasonable person would do when witnessing a fire … he grabbed a fire extinguisher.

The incident was caught on video and posted to social media, where it quickly went viral.

In the video, another person could be seen trying to help put the fire out. That unidentified person, who appeared to be a student, stated that he didn’t necessarily support President Donald Trump or his policies, but that burning the flag was “treason.”

“When I see the flag, I see racial injustice. I see social injustice from Native American genocide to African-American slavery to failing to recognize women as citizens until the 20th century,” Paul Osgerby, one of the protesters, told the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Two of the protesters were arrested and charged with violating Iowa City’s public burn ordinance, a misdemeanor that could earn them each a month in jail or a $625 fine.

The FedEx driver was identified as Matt Uhrin. He stated only that his actions didn’t represent his employer and declined to comment further. There was no immediate comment from FedEx, but given the kind of pressure the left is likely to bring on the company (and, granted, that Uhrin appears to have stolen the private property of one or more protesters), we expect he will suffer some sort of disciplinary action.

We, of course, condone neither theft nor interference in any American citizen’s First Amendment rights. That said, however, America needs more guys like Uhrin willing to stand up for what they think is right.

From CT.