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Melania Gets BAD News Upon Returning Home To NYC With Son Barron After Inauguration

First Lady Melania Trump couldn’t stay in Washington, D.C. too long after a busy Inauguration weekend, as she and her 10-year-old son at the center of online hate needed to get back to New York for school on Monday. This had been her controversial plan all along and now it just got worse for her right after arriving back home.

When it was first announced that Melania would be staying at Trump Tower in Manhattan for her and Donald’s son to finish school there before transitioning to a new place in D.C., liberals were out in force criticizing her for leaving her husband. Despite that any rational parent can see that it’s commendable to put your child before yourself, leftists seethed at the opportunity to accuse the First Lady of not honoring or wanting her position in the White House. Now that backlash has ramped up after what happened when she enacted that plan and showed up to Barron’s school this morning.

TMZ reported that Melania and Barron boarded a jet back home on Sunday so he could be at school on Monday on time, but the plans crumbled as soon as she showed up to school. Despite being the First Lady, Melania is still very much a hands-on mom and personally brought Barron to school this morning where several other moms also showed up at the same time.

Everyone was ready to go to class but the doors were locked as there was no school scheduled until Wednesday. This surprise was apparently not communicated well since Melania wasn’t the only one who misunderstood the schedule change, as she wouldn’t have hurried back from Washington, D.C. if she realized this. Although it’s a simple oversight, that didn’t stop sick leftists from accusing her of far worse than what was the reality.

Some didn’t believe the First Lady’s story and immediately accused her of bad parenting, while others say leaving the White House was an intentional move to get away from her husband and the life he dragged her into.

“She knew, she probably wanted to get as far away from her husband as possible,” one vicious woman commented on TMZ’s post about Melania’s school slip up. “She knows he’s a d*****e ball, but can’t say anything and has to support him if she wants to maintain her status,” she hateful woman added.

Other people who think they are, or like to pretend they are, perfect parents will stop at nothing to make accusations about our First Lady’s intentions. Melania is a down to earth mom who isn’t relying on a massive staff to do her role that she finds important and wants to be a part of — unlike Michelle Obama who had Secret Service raise her daughters. Moms make mistakes and this one is not remotely uncommon. Rather than seeing it as a negative, it should make her more relatable because it proves she real and doesn’t pretend to be perfect like the people who hate her do.

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