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Even Though This Song Is 50 Years Old, I Listen To It On A Daily Basis. Do You Remember It?

Does your mind ever drift back to the Good Old Days? When you would spend your free time running around with your friends (without the constant watchful eye of worried parents), working a tough job like a paper route or delivery boy, or listening to wholesome, courageous talent on the radio, or seeing it on the amazing television shows of the day?

Well, those days are gone. Now, the television and internet is loaded with whatever gets clicks and advertisers will pay for. But we don’t follow those rules. Instead, we want to help preserve what was great about America. So, that’s why we regularly feature music from the 1950s and 60s – to bring you back to the good times in America, when people were friendlier and happier.

Because a Facebook page called Heppest of the Hep uploaded a video, you can watch The Ronettes perform their hit “Be My Baby” from the Big TNT Show back in 1963. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to see this amazing performance today!

Talk about nostalgia. When you start watching The Ronettes performing their smash hits, you’ll be transported back to the days when you were a little boy or girl.

Because of the internet and people like you, these amazing performances have been saved and archived. Now they’re making it back out to the people who are clamoring for more from the Good Old Days, when America was a little bit happier and more wholesome.

According to the Facebook page that uploaded the video two weeks ago: “The Ronettes sing live their 1963 smash hit “Be my baby,” at the Big TNT Show. They broke up just a year later. Dig this pristine HD print! More girl groups for good measure.

“You might notice the girls are having a lot of fun on stage here! Ronnie and even Estelle are adding those little barks and squeals that they loved to add during their live shows in the early 60’s and their early recordings on Colpix. Phil went crazy when he saw (especially) Ronnie out there with all the extra body language and sexy squeals here. He always wanted Ronnie precise, controlled, if not robotic. And Ronnie fought that all the way. Ronnie later related that Phil confronted her when she came off stage here and said something to the effect, ‘What the $%$! where you doing out there?!’”

Nearly one million people have watched this video clip on the Facebook page. Here are some of their comments:

“The best of the best. I adore this song. Quite possibly the most hook laden song ever written,” Edmond Utley Jr. wrote.

“Great print of the TNT show! Their live show was always full of dancing around. They started out at the Peppermint lounge as dancers and then were Murray the Ks dancing girls at the Brooklyn Fox before they hit it big,” added Kathleen Richardson.

“Rare that they aren’t lip-syncing. Ronnie can really showcase her pipes,” Rafael DeStoto shared.

What is your impression of this performance?

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