Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Russia Doesn’t Mess Around! Look What They Just Did To Say ‘Goodbye’ To Obama!

Liberals are complaining that the Russian government favored Donald Trump (I mean – there was a 50% chance they would’ve favored Hillary due to blind chance, by the way), but it wasn’t just them. The Russian people overwhelmingly preferred Trump over his crooked competitor.

I’m not sure why that’s surprising. What would a headline explaining the revelation and explanation for it look like? “BREAKING: Russian government, citizens, overwhelmingly prefer U.S. presidential candidate who opposes war with Russia.”

Hillary and Obama didn’t think their warmongering against Russia was helping their case, did they?

Of course not, and they’ve meddled with Russia even more following the election. Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats right after Christmas (what a gift!)

Of course, Russia has a parting gift of their own as Obama leaves office tomorrow…

As Russia Today reported:

Activists unfurled a banner reading ‘Obama burn in hell’ and lit flares in front of the US embassy in Moscow on Tuesday. The activists were members of the art group ‘Federals’. They staged the protest to express their disagreement with the policies of the outgoing US president, who is leaving office on January 20.


I don’t think they’re the only ones who feel that way.

Hillary Clinton promised to continue the legacy of Barack Obama, and that’s a legacy that was rightly rejected in November’s presidential election (and in the House… Senate…Governorships… and State Legislatures, where Republicans gained majorities during Obama’s time in office).

The only true accomplishment in Obama’s legacy is the complete destruction of the Democrat Party. As it turns out, when people were exposed to what liberalism really is over the past eight years, they didn’t like it. Similarly, it turns out that those who lived in the former Soviet Union aren’t exactly the biggest fans of leftism either.

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