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BREAKING: North Korea Threatens To NUKE D.C. On Friday

The juvenile regime of North Korea has decided that Donald Trump’s inauguration is a perfect time to get a little attention by throwing a tantrum.

The oppressive regime claimed that they are “readying two intercontinental ballistic missiles” to “nuke” Washington, D.C. during the inauguration.

Military officials said the rogue state wanted to send a “strategic message” by timing launches to ruin his big day Friday.

South Korean officials could not confirm the reports, but they said they were monitoring their maniacal neighbors to the north very closely.

Some news reports in South Korea, however, claim that the North has actually placed two missiles on mobile launchers. The devices, News Corps Australia reports, “are estimated to be 15 meters in length, making them shorter than the North’s existing ICBM’s.”

Security experts doubt that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the North’s official name) has the ability fly a missile as far as the nation’s capital, although it’s possible they could reach the West coast of the United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

The DPRK may be about to test their latest ICBM in the coming days, professor Andrei Lankov from Seoul’s Kookmin University, said.

“Judging by earlier behavior they usually like to greet a newly elected American president with some kind of nice surprise like a nuclear (test) or missile launch,” he said. “Because President-elect Trump tweeted that ‘it won’t happen,’ such a launch could be seen as a serious humiliation for (the US).”

Any potential ICBM test, unless it’s a complete failure, would be a propaganda win for Pyongyang and their dictator, Kim Jong Un. It would also reveal a lot about the progress of the rogue nation’s weapons program.

Military experts predicted that any test would only involve a missile with a range of under 1,500 miles, less than half the usual ICBM range of 3,400 miles.

US-based monitoring project 38North said evidence suggested Pyongyang may also be preparing to resume operations at a plutonium production reactor at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center 60 miles north of the capital.

“Stepped-up activities throughout the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center indicate that it is operating at a level somewhat above what has been observed during the past five years,” the report said.

“The exact implications of that activity remain unclear except to reaffirm that the Yongbyon facility remains the center of North Korea’s nuclear program.”

Since taking power, the youngest Kim has dramatically increased his country’s nuclear weapons program. His Musudan missiles will reportedly be ready within a year. They have a range of 3,500 miles. The distance from North Korea to Washington, D.C., however, is almost 7,000 miles.

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