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(Video) This Prepper Finds an Abandoned Shelter by a Highway Exit Ramp. Now Take a Look Inside…

It is one of those old treasures that you know is there and, although you haven’t been there for a couple of years, you are dying to see how the old place looks!

In the case of the structure we are visiting in the video over on the next page, it is intriguing and somewhat sad. There is much to explore but also – because you know it’s abandoned – also something to lament.

Because of where it is, near a highway exit, it’s not ideal to rebuild the shelter. As a matter of fact, it’s probably illegal – but the hermit who lived there obviously did not really care about that.

He just wants someplace warm to sleep during the winter. Still, there was a lot of forethought too. That fireplace took some time to construct.

What is just as interesting at the structure is all the things our host finds on the ground; lamps, bottles, yarn… candy! Our Hermit was a bit eclectic. If given the circumstances, would you bug out here? Take a look:

We may have to disagree with our host here. He was impressed with all of the things he found and the fireplace but did not think our hermit friend was much of a survivor under the circumstances. We actually believe he was but, seeing the mess, it actually looks like he may have been run out of his home by the law. That is especially likely when we see the lack of structure as if it was hauled away.

The hermit may have stayed there and perhaps may have improved his living conditions if allowed. On the other hand, why live so close to the freeway? It may have been difficult to get to but also the car sound was hardly inviting for a survivalist.

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