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BOOM: Trump Cuts African-American Museum Visit, Meets With MLK III Instead

After President-elect Donald Trump’s team announced Sunday that he would not be visiting the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture due to scheduling conflicts, some among the left threw a fit, essentially accusing him of ignoring the black community. They were wrong.

Trump cared deeply about the black community. But instead of demonstrating this with a meaningless photo-op at a museum, he chose to meet Monday with Martin Luther King Jr.’s son, Martin Luther King III, for a “very constructive” discussion, as the civil rights hero’s son later put it.

“He said that he is going to represent all Americans,” King said while speaking with reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower shortly after their meeting. “He said that over and over again. I think that we will continue to evaluate that. I think that the nation supports, I believe, that that’s his intent but I think also we have to consistently engage with pressure — public pressure.”

His statements may be heard below:

BOOM: Trump Cuts African-American Museum Visit, Meets With MLK III Instead
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The radical liberals at Salon felt differently, of course, and even went so far to postulate that Trump had never even intended to visit the museum in the first place.

“Was Donald Trump ever planning on visiting the African-American museum?” the outlet asked, after which it claimed that the visit had just been a “trick” designed to counter the backlash he had begun receiving over remarks he made last last week about Georgia Rep. John Lewis.

The comments that followed this odd piece were even more disturbing:


Salon Comments

All this because the president-elect wound up having to cancel his visit to a museum? Really? After having devastated the black community with decades of bad policies, one would think liberal Democrats would show more sense.

The truth is that Trump’s “very constructive” discussion with the son of legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was worth far more to the black community and its future than a visit to the museum would have ever been.

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