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The Piano Guys Release POWERFUL Statement On Why They Accepted The Invitation To Perform On Inauguration Day

If you’ve never heard of The Piano Guys, you are in for a treat. They’re a musical group that found wild success on YouTube, at first doing covers/remixes of popular songs, but then branching out into some of their own work. A few years ago, they signed with a major music label and have been touring and releasing huge studio albums on the regular.

Their videos are absolutely incredible. It’s like they try to outdo themselves every time –


Beyond being talented musicians and videographers, they’re just generally nice guys. Their concerts are fun, upbeat, and family-friendly, because that’s the kind of people they are. I absolutely ADORE them. It is impossible to listen to their music and not at least smile, just a little bit.

They were invited to perform at the Inauguration this Friday, which they accepted. And, as we’ve seen from the “super-tolerant” left, they’ve come in for some nasty comments and hate, which they do NOT deserve at all.

Rather than cave to pressure and back out, TPG decided to release a statement on why they accepted the invitation to perform on Inauguration Day. And if the left can still find a reason to hate these guys after this… well, that says a lot more about their critics than it does about The Piano Guys themselves –

A more lengthy statement can be found on their website, which reads in part –

We’re no Mother Teresas. Far from it. And we’ll never be as perfect as Christ. But that won’t stop us from striving our best to be like them. We’re not performing for politics or in support of one man or one woman. We’re just doing all we can to follow our hearts in the unconditional pursuit of making this nation, and this world, a better place for all people – to use our music, which is a small thing, to span divides, spread love, and displace discord with harmony.

We have hope for the future!


To our friends who have felt disturbed by our involvement, we want you to know that this doesn’t lessen our gratitude for what you have done for us. Not one bit. We still feel indebted to you. We love you. You give our music wings! We sincerely hope and pray for your understanding. We don’t feel right limiting our positive message only to people that believe or act the same way we do. We haven’t changed our message. We haven’t changed who we are, what we stand for, or what our music means and why we write it. We’re still doing what we’ve always done – playing for anyone who will hear our musical message with the hope that it persuades its listeners to love others.

The Facebook posting gets the spirit of it across fairly well, though (and for background on what happened with pianist Jon Schmidt’s daughter, Annie, last fall, go here. I’d say that family’s had enough of grief and strife by now.)

This is the thing about Inauguration Day and the Piano Guys definitely hit on this in their statement – Inauguration Day isn’t just about the person being sworn into office. It’s about being unified as a country, even with all our differences and disagreements. It’s about celebrating the fact that America has a unique history and system of government. We don’t have to fight violent wars or enact revolution to get rid of corrupt politicians. We go to the ballot box. We vote. We become informed on the issues and exercise our power as citizens to keep our leaders in check. And if we lose the election, we learn from our mistakes and try to do better next time. We certainly don’t pout and send death threats to our opponents (or even people who we think are our opponents. Good grief – what did Andrea Bocelli do to anyone else?)

Compare that with most any other country in the world, and the bloodbaths that happen when tyrants refuse to be moved out of leadership. Whether or not the election results were what you hoped for, you have to admit what we have in America is pretty special. And attempts to undermine it just because you lost make you look petty and small.

I don’t know what kind of politics The Piano Guys hold as individuals, but I say kudos to them for being an example for the rest of the country. That kind of positive message is sorely needed, especially after the crappy election season we just had.

If it takes a relatively small musical group to stand up for American values and principles, then I’ll take that over a million Beyonce performances.

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