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Rap Artist Making THREATS To Anyone Who Performs At Trump Inauguration

Snoop Dogg thinks he can run his mouth to rappers who want to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration when he becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.

That’s funny, because Snoop Dogg hasn’t been relevant in the hip hop community since the release of “Doggystyle” in 1993.

He’s been one of those artists who get cameo appearances or finds himself on random TV shows, but that’s about it.

Snoop Dogg is calling anyone who performs at Trump’s inauguration a “jiggaboo a*s n*gga” and an “uncle Tom,” more evidence that he’s fallen off the map of relevance and he’s probably jealous because no one asked his old self to do the stanky leg on stage. He’s so old now, that he might snap his stanky leg if he tried it. That’s worth seeing on YouTube.

Watch out new performers. You’ll have to deal with this cranky old mutt if you’re at Trump’s party!

Here’s Snoop talking trash…like anyone cares.

BET reports – In a video posted to his Instagram, Snoop declared that any “jiggaboo” preparing to sing for Trump’s inauguration would personally have to deal with him afterward.

“So ain’t nobody gonna perform for Donald Trump, huh?” he begins. “Which one of you jiggaboo a** n**gas gonna be the first one to do it? I’m waiting, I’m gonna roast the f**k out of you.”


Is Snoop serious? He’s been an opportunist for the last 20+ years, so how can he talk down to any rappers if they decide to perform at Trump’s party?

Anyone who declines performing at Trump’s party must not like record sales.

That will be the biggest stage of the year. I’m almost certain that everyone on the planet will watch this. If you want to rock a stage and maybe sell a few extra downloads on iTunes, then rocking out at the Trump inauguration is one way to do it.

If any democrats or liberals throw your album in the trash, that’s fine because they had to buy it first! You already got the sale!

Here’s a list of songs from 1993 that were on top of the Billboard Charts. This is how old Snoop Dogg really is. Even Whitney Houston’s drug riddled body is still on the list.


I just can’t believe Snoop Dogg, the flip-flopping opportunist stoner has the nerve to act all tough on other rappers.

Puff a few more trees and chill out, Snoop. If you don’t, then I’ll call Kid Rock and have him knock you out.

Hey Snoop – are your bags packed for Canada yet, because you can…

From FD.