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The H1B visa program has been a total disaster for American workers. You might recall that a Disney IT worker testified before a Congressional panel about having to train his replacement. His replacement was a foreign worker! 

We now have the University of California exploiting the program to move jobs to India…Yes, our old friend Janet Napolitano is working her fingers to the bone to move YOUR jobs to foreign countries using a visa loophole. What a peach…NOT! YOU MIGHT RECALL THE NAPOLITANO WAS OBAMA’S SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY. It should be noted that Napolitano vowed to crack down on H1B visa abuses when she was part of Obama’s administration!

Michael Hiltzik reported:

“The latest employer to try this stunt sets a new mark in what might be termed “job laundering.” It’s the University of California. Experts in the abuse of so-called H-1B visas say UC is the first public university to send the jobs of American IT staff offshore. That’s not a distinction UC should wear proudly.

UC San Francisco, the system’s biggest medical center, announced in July that it would lay off 49 career IT staffers and eliminate 48 other IT jobs that were vacant or filled by contract employees. The workers are to be gone as of Feb. 28. In the meantime they’ve been ordered to train their own replacements, who are employees of the Indian outsourcing firm HCL Technologies.

The training process was described by UCSF managers by the Orwellian term “knowledge transfer,” according to Audrey Hatten-Milholin, 53, an IT architect with 17 years of experience at UCSF who will be laid off next month.

The University was trying to cut costs but the problem with this is that they received $8.5 BILLION from the feds in 2014-15! Yes, it’s a public university…training foreign workers to replace it’s employees yet educating students to do the same job. What does this say to the students of this college paying to be educated in their field yet knowing they might be replaced by a foreign worker?


Congress has consistently failed to close a glaring loophole allowing U.S. employers to send good American jobs overseas — instead, it has moved to expand the H1-B program at the behest of tech firms claiming, dubiously, that they can’t find enough good engineers in the U.S.

From 100PFU.