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(Video) This Winter Super Shelter is Unbelievable! Check Out How it Was Flawlessly Put Together…

Surviving in the outdoors in winter requires an entirely different set of skills in comparison to surviving when the weather, elements, and environment are warmer.

Like it or not, even if you love winter, survival in spring, summer and fall is on many levels easier (although poses different challenges.)

One major challenge is finding or creating a warm, dry shelter that can insulate you from the elements; this is critical if your situation is likely to be longer than just a few hours.

Being able to build a secure, comfortable, warm and waterproof shelter is vital to your safety and well-being, not to mention your state of mind.

A winter survival shelter has to factor in things like severe cold and elements, melting snow and ice and frozen materials.

By taking the time to build a secure shelter (with or without wood stove), you can ensure your nights are not spent shivering.

In a survival situation in winter, knowing how to make a proper shelter has to be a top priority. Even if you are camping on purpose in the cold, how you set up your shelter will make the difference between comfort and a frigid night.

From DHS.