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WATCH: Mouthy Black Hoodrat Uses Her Massive Butt To Take What She Wants, Explodes Spectacularly In Her PANTS

It’s unclear why this generation of millennials have turned into such entitled a-holes, but it’s apparent that we have a massive problem here in America. No one seems to give a flying crap about having manners or morals anymore, it’s all about mooching off the government and getting what you feel society “owes you.” Some of Obama’s finest take their antics a step even further with their self-entitlement attitudes, simply stealing what they want from others, as evidenced by the massive looting we see in urban areas across America. But unfortunately for one black hoodrat, she got much more than she bargained for after trying to rip off a local furniture store with a massive item that she shoved down her pants.

Clearly overestimating the size of the junk in her trunk, one black St. Louis woman was confident that concealing a frying pan in her pants and making off with it from her local Ikea store would be as easy as swiping her EBT card at her local Walmart.  Security quickly noticed the odd object protruding from her ass however, and quickly jumped into action to stop the would-be thief.

Below is the Facebook live video that a witness took of the frying pan heist. The video is so absurdly hilarious, it’s been viewed an astounding 1.4 million times since it was posted on December 30.


St. Louis Today reported

The video shows a woman arguing and struggling with two Ikea loss-prevention officers outside the store, near Forest Park and Vandeventer avenues. The outline of the pan is clearly visible through her leggings, with its handle sticking out the waistband.Sierra M. Coleman, 28, of the 6000 block of Washington Boulevard, is accused of biting one of the Ikea guards who stopped her. Charges of misdemeanor theft and assault allege that about 6:50 p.m. Dec. 30, Coleman hid “bed sheets in her bag and then proceeded beyond all points of sale without paying for the item.”The charges do not detail Coleman’s method of allegedly concealing the pan.The video shows the Ikea workers detaining Coleman in the parking lot before the pan finally falls from her pants to the pavement. While a male worker holds Coleman’s arms behind her back, a female employee tells Coleman several times to let go of her shirt.Several times during the video, Coleman claims she is pregnant. The guards led her back to the store before police arrived.

Sorry, honey. Your ass might be big….but you’re gonna have to eat a whole lot more fried chicken in order to conceal something as large as a frying pan.

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