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President Obama Delivers His Farewell Address

President Obama just delivered his farewell address, and I felt obligated to watch it. If you didn’t watch it, you are insanely lucky and I am officially jealous of you. If you watched it and didn’t have to, I’m just wondering why you subjected yourself to that kind of unnecessary torture.

He basically repeated the points he made in his farewell cover letter, which I detailed here.

When Obama first walked out, the crowd shouted, “Four more years!” Because they’re sheep.

Obama was pretty broad at first. He said we’re in better shape than we were when he started. Yawn.

He bragged about how awesome Obamacare is, even though it sucks and premiums are expected to rise by an average of 25% this year.

He warned against the dangers of “naked partisanship” and said we need to challenge our own assumptions and beliefs. Because he does that all the time. Except not.

He said we need to be aware of the “selective sorting of the facts.” Because facts are facts. Speaking of facts, man-made climate change is real and if you deny it, you’re betraying the “essential spirit of innovation.” Seriously. There’s NO TIME to debate climate change anymore. If we keep debating it instead of taking action, our grandchildren will literally drown, because of our selfishness.

BTW- he still couldn’t get himself to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” But he did mention the fact that Osama bin Laden is dead, so yay for that.

On a lighter note, he praised his wife Michelle.

And his bro Joe Biden.

All the feels, sure. But the bottom line is, Trump was elected because everyone’s had enough of Obama’s legacy. Period.

Oh! Before I forget, Obama said that the next generation is totally unselfish, which is the joke of the century.

What a sweet sentiment. I’m glad it’s over.

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