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Iranian Ships Speed Toward US Navy – Warning Shots Fired

While the media and Hollywood elites continue to obsess over the Russian government’s supposed “election hack,” Iran just made a dangerous move against the United States Navy.

Three warning shots were fired at four Iranian ships after those ships approached American ships at an alarmingly fast rate. They refused to stop after radio requests, which is when the warning shots were fired.

This is the same country that President Barack Obama recently handed billions of dollars to during negotiations over nuclear weapons.

This is horrible news!

In the latest incident of high-seas tension between the U.S. and Iran, a Navy destroyer fired a series of warning shots at four Iranian vessels on Sunday after the Islamic Republic’s boats closed in at a high rate of speed in the Strait of Hormuz, Fox News confirmed.

The USS Mahan tried to order the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard boats to stop via radio communication, but the vessels didn’t respond to the request, prompting the destroyer to fire three warning shots with a .50 caliber machine gun, a U.S. defense official said. After the shots were fired, the Iranian boats stopped the approach.

In addition to the machine gun warning shots, a Navy helicopter dropped a smoke float.

The Iranian boats sailed within 900 yards of the Mahan, which had been escorting two U.S. ships.

Iran has been busy provoking the U.S. Military. Here’s a list of the most recent incidents:

– In late November, an Iranian small boat in the Strait of Hormuz trained a machine gun on a U.S. Navy helicopter.

– U.S. warships have been targeted by rebels in Yemen who are being supplied and supported by Iran.

– In September, Iran threatened to shoot down Navy aircraft it said was encroaching on its airspace.

– In early September, seven Iranian boats harassed a U.S. Navy ship in the Persian Gulf.

– The first half of 2016 saw 19 “dangerous interactions” with the Iranians, according to a U.S. Navy report.

This is why the world is less safe. America’s enemies aren’t scared of Obama, and are emboldened to provoke our military. It is President-elect Trump’s job to send a clear message to the world that a real leader is in the White House again. Iran is too dangerous to ignore!

From TPI.