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Alec Baldwin’s Attempt to Mock Trump With Russian Hat Backfires

Hollywood actor and national embarrassment Alec Baldwin failed epically this weekend to humiliate President-elect Donald Trump.

As was reported by Time magazine, Baldwin shared a photo to his Instagram account Saturday depicting himself wearing a red hat that reportedly bore Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” in Russian.

Funny guy, huh? Except that there was one humongous problem. Actually, there were two.

Writing on Twitter shortly after Baldwin posted the image, Democrat Party strategist and Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky, who was born in Russia, pointed out that the words were both wrong and grammatically incorrect.

“Sigh, Alec Baldwin … that hat is both grammatically incorrect and is more about making America groovy again,” she tweeted. “The grammatical declensions of the words are all wrong and the word for ‘great’ is better translated as ‘awesome’ or ‘groovy.’”


Nice try, though, you complete moron.

The original Instagram post may be viewed here. Be sure to leave a comment or two or three mocking Baldwin for his abysmally poor Russian grammar.

But it gets even funnier, folks. According to Jill Dougherty, CNN’s former Moscow bureau chief, it appeared that Baldwin obtained the words for his custom hat via the internet.

“In fact, we just Google-translated it, and it’s translated exactly like on the cap,” she noted to USA Today.

Are you serious? Baldwin was already a horrible Trump impressionist, which was evident by his pathetic attempts to portray Trump on “Saturday Night Live.”

But this new failed attempt to mock Trump really took the cake. Plus, as has been noted by many commentators –including muckraking, liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald — there was still “no evidence” that the Russians had either provided hacked Democrat National Committee emails to WikiLeaks or affected the 2016 election.

“(O)n the key claims — that Putin directed this hacking and that he did so to elect Donald Trump — there is no evidence for it. Not unpersuasive evidence or inadequate evidence. No evidence,” Greenwald said Sunday while speaking on CNN, as reported by Real Clear Politics. “Just CIA assertions over and over, and that just simply is not enough.”

So not only was Baldwin’s hat grammatically incorrect and wrongly worded — it was factually incorrect as well. Talk about an epic fail.

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