Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

The Real Housewives Of ISIS. Where Do You Stand On It?

Wildly inappropriate, hilarious, both, neither, or something else?

The BBC is known for pushing the envelope a bit, and this is certainly no exception. I’ll be honest about my impressions. I giggled a little, and then felt inappropriate for giggling a little, and then felt kinda irritated with myself for feeling inappropriate because clearly it’s meant to be funny and so why should I get hung up about it? And then I got irritated with myself for even questioning whether or not to share it, because I am like the last person ever to get caught up in what other people will think if I post something “politically incorrect.”

So there you go. I posted it.

But am curious to know your thoughts. According to this, people are super outraged, because of course. Here’s a sampling of outrage.


And here’s someone who felt quite the opposite.


I tend to fall in line with Peter Riley on this, but then again, I’m wildly inappropriate in many ways.


From COTR.