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Megyn Kelly Turned Down Fox News Salary So Whopping–It Screams How Desperate She Was to Get Out

Megyn Kelly turned down a gobsmacking offer from Fox News to take less money offered by NBC News, according to Mediaite, which first reported the offer.

Mediaite reports that Kelly turned down a $100 million package deal that would have paid her $25 million per year for four years.

The website also reports that Kelly never countered that offer:

“We are told, unequivocally, that Kelly never even countered Fox’s generous $100 million offer, because she had made up her mind to move on. In fact, the Fox offer is far higher financially than the one she ultimately accepted from NBC.”

New York Magazine reported that Fox had “balked” when Kelly asked for $25 million per year but Mediaite says that wasn’t true.

Kelly announced yesterday that she’s leaving Fox News to move over to NBC to star in a daytime talk show, a Sunday news show and to be a part of NBC’s political coverage. Fox News announced that her last day would be this Friday.

As New York Magazine reports, the new gig carries with it big risks:

“At NBC, Kelly will anchor an Oprah-like daytime show, launch a new Sunday night news magazine, and contribute to the network’s political coverage. The track record for talented anchors launching daytime programs hasn’t been good (see: Katie Couric, Meredith Vieira, Anderson Cooper), and no Fox News star has successfully crossed over to the mainstream before. But Kelly’s prodigious talents as a broadcaster, not to mention her canny media instincts, could help her defy the trend.”

Kelly said that she wanted to work different hours in order to see her children more. NBC’s offer of a daytime talk show certainly gives her time with her children in the evenings.

By turning down a $100 million offer, it also shows she might have been that desperate to get out of Fox News.

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