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BEHOLD: A Liberal Meltdown In Tweet Form

There’s a super liberal feminist chick who teaches sex ed on YouTube named Laci Green. We’ve featured her insanity on our site previously, like when she starred in a tax-payer funded video which was created by Planned Parenthood to teach kids about sado-masochism, for instance.

Inexplicably, Laci has a huge following (almost 220k on Twitter and almost 1.5 MILLION subscribers on YouTube.) She’s what is known in today’s culture as a YouTube Celebrity. Her sex-ed videos are titled things like, “Lube 101” and “Happy Boobie Guide” and “Butt Stuff.” Super informative and educational, obvs.

Laci is probably one of the best examples I’ve seen recently of what happens to liberal tolerance and compassion when things don’t go their way  – and I just had to share these fantastic Before-And-After tweets with you.

BEHOLD: What tolerant and compassionate liberal Laci Green tweeted at around 11pm at night, on Election Night, just a few hours before it was clear Trump would win.


Awww.  Look at that.  “Regardless of the outcome” she wrote, we need to “mend, heal, and restore” our United States of America.  Because of how divided and broken we are.

A lovely sentiment, yes?

But fast forward a couple hours.  Her tweets got progressively more meltdown-y, culminating in this one, which I keep reading over and over again and laughing harder and harder at every time.


Wow. Quite a turn-around, amirite?

But it’s a perfect example of how UNinterested liberals like Laci are in actually uniting.  She and other feminist wackjobs like her don’t care about unity UNLESS unity means that they get their way.  Think exactly like Laci, and she’ll be happy to unite with you.  Think differently? Well, just look above.  That’s how she feels about people who don’t agree with her. All of us racist, misogynist pieces of sh*t can just go f*ck ourselves.

I seriously cannot stop laughing at what a complete lack of self-awareness she has.   And considering how night-and-day the two tweets are, and how they were published only a few hours apart, it makes me wonder if Laci’s got herself an un-diagnosed case of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Like Sybil.

Just sayin’.

From COTR.