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Judge Napolitano Reveals Stunning Information that Refutes “Russian Hacking” Theory

In their continuing effort to discredit the election of Donald Trump, Clinton apparatchiks such as John Podesta and other DNC luminaries continue to press the “Russian hacking” theory.  That this is the best they can muster is a measure of their failure to find any irregularities might have hurt Hillary’s chances of winning.

Recall that the theory being proposed by Podesta and others is that Russia, in its desire to see Donald Trump elected, hacked into DNC email systems and forwarded damaging materials to WikiLeaks for subsequent publication on the internet.  Based on this thin reed, a group of Democratic electors has requested that an intelligence briefing be made available to all electors prior to their vote on Monday.

Elements of the Democratic Party appear willing to continue their efforts to create turmoil in the lead up to the Electoral College vote this coming Monday, December 19th.  With nothing to indicate that the balloting process itself was in any way corrupted to damage Hillary’s chances, efforts have turned to focusing on the Electoral College.

If they hope to accomplish anything, they had best hurry up.  The Electoral College meets in five days from the time of the writing of this piece.

Judge Napolitano was just interviewed on Fox News and made a number of points of his own.

According to the judge, the CIA and the FBI examined the same data provided by the NSA.  The CIA saw evidence of Russian involvement while the FBI did not.

If that’s the case, then any “special intelligence briefing” provided to the electors will be non-conclusive due the inability of the CIA and the FBI to agree on the conclusion to be drawn from the data.  It should also be pointed out that electors are not typically cleared to see classified data.  Hence, any briefing provided by the intelligence community would most probably contain substantial redactions to prevent revealing any classified information.

Napolitano then pointed out that the data was “leaked,” not “hacked.”  In other words, someone with access revealed this data through a third party, as opposed to someone outside the system breaking into the server to access and then reveal it.

The above fact leads the judge to a fascinating conclusion:  Since members of the intelligence community were those most harmed by Hillary’s criminally irresponsible handling of classified intelligence, it was more “likely than not” that the intelligence community that actually leaked the emails that exposed the corruption of Hillary Clinton and those connected to her campaign.

The Judge also claims that he was handed to him by “members of the American intelligence community”. Bombshell indeed!

Check out Judge Napolitano’s analysis yourself.

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