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Family Poses For Group Photo, But Soldier Son’s Surprise Photobomb Makes Mom Burst Into Tears

Saying goodbye to a child is always a difficult experience. Whether you’re dropping them off for their first day of preschool or a middle school sleepover or at their college dorm, it’s always hard to give your child that final hug and send them on their way, no matter how independent they might be.

Even more difficult than those scenarios, though, is saying goodbye to a child who is going to serve in the military. It doesn’t matter where they’ll be stationed or what they’ll be doing, you know your child is going to be difficult to contact and hard to keep track of.

Not knowing if your child is safe can be a terrifying thing for all parents. The only thing that makes it better for parents in those situations is seeing their kid in person.

In this video, the Johns family was on a vacation at Falls Park Bridge in South Carolina. The sights were so gorgeous that they decided to pause and take a picture on the bridge.

With multiple small children, the photo was becoming difficult to take — and just as the photographer seems ready to snap the photo, he says, “Hold on, we’re missing somebody.”

The family looks around, confused by the photographer’s statement. Then his mother gets a tap on the shoulder. Jared Johns, the family’s son who is serving in the army (and was on leave from a base in Germany), asks, “Do you mind if I get in this picture?”

His mom immediately breaks down crying, so happy to have her son in her arms once again.

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