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BOOM! Wolf Blizter SCHOOLED When He Blames Indiana For Chicago’s Gun Crime

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer knows exactly whose to blame for the record gun crime in Chicago.

It’s not the violent gangs, it’s not the piss-poor policing (arrests are down 28 percent in Chicago this year despite the highest murder rate in 20 years).

Just look at this chart from the Chicago Sun-Times and tell me if you see at least a causal connection between the drop in arrests and the number of murders:


No, Wolf Blitzer says, that’s not the problem either. It’s not a lack of leadership by Mayor Rahm “Not My Fault” Emanuel.

Nope. The problem is Indiana.

Yup. The state of Indiana is responsible for the gun crime in Chicago.

In an interview with California Rep. Darrell Issa, Blitzer started by asking what President-Elect Trump could do to bring down the crime rate in Chicago. But the conversation quickly turned odd.

Blitzer looked at Issa and said: “There were more people murdered this past year in Chicago than in New York, a larger city, and Los Angeles, a larger city, combined. Something is obviously very, very wrong in Chicago.”

Issa responded, “It really is. And, not to get into the gun question, they have strong gun laws. The problem is, the gangs have guns and you’re not going to take them away with laws.”

“The mayor and others say the problem they have is most of those guns don’t originate in Chicago or even Illinois, they originate in neighboring Indiana, where the gun laws are much more lax.”

“Of course, they are illegally bought in most cases–you can’t buy a gun to take to Chicago from Indiana. So, yes, guns are a problem in the hands of criminals but criminals are a problem whether they have a gun, a knife, or a machine tool, the reality is that [Mayor Emanuel] needs to work with President-Elect Trump when he is President, and ask for the kind of federal help that will allow him to break up these pockets of very bad people.

Blitzer wasn’t done… “You could go to Indiana and buy a gun legally a lot easier than in Illinois. You could go to a gun show and you don’t necessarily need a background check to legally purchase a weapon that you drive back to Illinois, go back to Chicago, and kill someone.”

Issa responded, “If the ease of acquiring guns was the problem Gary, Indiana, would be the crime capital, not Chicago.”

In fact, the entire state of Indiana would be a war-zone, right, Wolf?


From TFP.