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Obama: You’re Black if You’re Perceived to Be Black

President Barack Obama has said and done a lot of crazy things while in office. However, now that he is on his way out, he has said some seriously wacky things that have many people shaking their heads.

Obama’s latest declaration that seems to come straight form “The Twilight Zone” occurred during an interview that he was doing with Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic.

During the interview, Coates asked Obama how he came to think of himself as black. If that question wasn’t enough to raise your eyebrows, Obama’s answer certainly should be.

“Well, part of my understanding of race is that it’s more of a social construct than a biological reality. And in that sense, if you are perceived as African-American, then you’re African-American. Now, you can — that can mean a whole lot of things,” he stated.

So apparently being black doesn’t mean having black skin — it means that other people think you are black, or that you yourself think you are black.

Somehow that logic doesn’t quite seem to work.

Just because you think you are black doesn’t mean that you are — the same way that thinking you are a woman (or a man) doesn’t make you one — something people like Rachel Dolezal seem to have forgotten.

Obama is spewing nothing more that post-modern liberal garbage. He sure didn’t seem to think that race was a social construct when he was running to be the first African-American president — a moniker he has stuck to proudly for eight years and used to knock down his political opponents who dare question him.

Just remember — we only have to endure three more weeks of this man.

Your color is an actual thing that can be perceived by everyone. We’re not saying that the color of your skin should matter (because it really shouldn’t), but the basic biological fact is that if you are born with black skin, you are classified as African-American.

Liberals like to call Republicans “climate deniers.” Perhaps we should return the favor and call them “color deniers.”

Instead of trying to come up with the most confusing definitions possible, perhaps liberals should focus more on uniting people rather than obsessing over what divides us.

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