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BREAKING: ISIS Planning “Mass Casualty” Chemical Attack – Their Target Is…

The U.K. Minister of State for Security, Ben Wallace, warned that ISIS is plotting to use chemical weapons on Britain and the group is actively conducting exercises to do so.

“They have no moral objection to using chemical weapons against populations and, if they could, they would in this country,” Wallace told the U.K. Sunday Times.

The terrorist group does have the ability to manufacture mustard gas and has used the chemical weapon in the middle east already, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Troops fighting in the middle east know all too well about the use of chemical weapons and have suffered horrific injuries such as massive blistering and damaged lungs.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, the weaponry is often difficult to combat as the ingredients that go into the bombs often have other legal uses and are easy for people to get their hands on.

Wallace, who is the MP for Wyre and Preston North, explained that ISIS isn’t the only threat as Al-Qaeda is building back up and becoming more and more of a credible danger.

In addition, Wallace also noted that cyber attacks are the biggest threat to the UK at this point.

He made it clear that citizens need to stay alert and if they see suspicious behavior, they need to report it. Wallace noted that people need to identify “the enemy within,” as he discussed the possibility that criminal gangs could turn foreign agents and colleagues.

“There are traitors,” he said. “The insider threat, as we would call it, is real and can be exploited and there are people trying to do that as we speak. ”

“If it’s hard to get in the front door, then what you try and do is get someone on the inside.”

The U.K. Daily Mail reported:

A report last month described a chemical attack as an ‘aspiration’ for Isis, but a more conventional attack using guns and explosives still remains the most likely threat.

Two Kurdish fighters were killed in October by an Isis drone fitted with explosives, fuelling fears of a similar attack in the West.

And earlier this year Morocco’s head of counter terrorism, Abdelhak Khiame, claims his unit had smashed 25 ISIS plots in his country in the past year alone – including one in February involving mustard gas.

ISIS terrorists have tried to create chemical weapons abroad and are hoping to one day use them to attack Europe, he claimed.

The terror alert in Britain is still high, with around 200 names on an SAS list of jihadis who could return to Britain to carry out attacks.

Troops have been warned that this operation could be seen as the most important in the regiment’s 75-year history and that their success is vital to keep people in the UK safe.

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