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Easy Tricks to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Small rooms are a nightmare, one you cannot easily escape. Fortunately, there are ways to make a small room feel bigger without breaking down the walls. While everyone dreams of living in an open concept home, most of us are stuck in builder-grade homes. Rather than crying over the hand, you have been dealt, it’s time you take a stand and do something to make your space look more inviting and open. 


Light Color

An easy way to ensure your small room looks bigger is by choosing lighter wall tones. These light tones reflect light in a way that makes the room feel bigger. For instance, when you choose bright white or deep pastel colors you create an eye illusion. One that benefits you in many ways. Starting off your journey on the right note can help you set up the room in a way that works best for you.

Hidden Storage

The smaller the room, the less cabinet or closet space you get. However, you can easily change that by opting for hidden storage space. Rather than adding a bulky-looking piece to the room, we suggest you find smart storage solutions. For instance, you can choose a storage sofa/bed, add stylish buckets to hold your items, add drawers and cabinets to your table and so much more. These small touches offer you a great deal of space and an organized system that you can easily keep up with.

Floor To Ceiling Curtains

Long curtains are a sure way to make the room feel more spacious. As it instantly makes your ceiling look higher, adding a more vibrant and spacious feel to the mix. What is great about curtains is that they are easy to hang, and come in many affordable choices. 

Larger Accent Pieces

Rather than adding a number of small decorative pieces, we suggest you go with a few large accent pieces. Creating a clean and clear space that does not feel overcrowded. This way you can enjoy a vintage yet modern look and make your room feel more spacious. 

Scale Art

Smaller rooms call for hanging decor, something that makes an impact – yet does not take up any space. Keep in mind that it’s floor space you are saving and choose a scale artwork that is minimal and compliments the modern feel of your room. Choosing the right art piece can help you make or break your room, like the art you hang can help you see beyond the walls. Adding a sense of space while tying in the room. 

Perfect Lighting

Using multiple light sources in a room can help you expand the room. In theory, at least, a well-lit room looks more spacious than a poorly lit room. Apart from natural lighting, it is best to choose great lighting sources that do not feel too much, or take on a great deal of space in your room. 

These easy tricks can help you transform any tight or small room. Bringing you to realize that it is all about making the right choices. Once you have all the right pieces of the puzzle set in place, you will find that you have everything you needed and more – along with the feeling of living in a spacious room.