Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Al Gore Refuses To Endorse Hillary

This has got to hurt.

Former Vice President and Redwood Forest tree lookalike Al Gore was asked who he thinks will be the next President of these United States. He seized the opportunity to immediately decline to back Hillary Clinton.

During a Cannes Lions session on Friday, Sir Martin Sorrell asked Gore the following question: “Would you refuse to answer the question [who will be the next president of the United States]?”

Gore replied: “I wouldn’t refuse to answer that question, I would try to cleverly dodge the question … I would say it’s actually too early.”

Nope. No endorsement of the wife of his former running mate.

There appears to be some bad blood between the Gore and the Clintons. It all goes back to 2000, when Gore reportedly believed that Bill Clinton, with all of his ethical and moral lapses, enabled George W. Bush to run with the promise that he would restore honor and integrity back to the White House if was elected.

He was. And he did.

Gore thinks that Clinton’s selfishness cost him the election. We think that’s why he refuses to endorse Hillary right now.


He’ll probably end up on Team Sanders.