Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

CNN: Hillary Clinton Pushed The Trade Bill She Now Opposes No Less Than 45 Times

It’s nice to see the media doing its job in 2015. We harbor no illusions that it will do its job in 2016.

Until then, we’ll just enjoy stories like this one.

As you know, Hillary Clinton has been reluctant to take a firm position on trade, specifically on whether President Obama should have fast track trading authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This has left progressives a bit disappointed with Herself because they want her to come out squarely against it. It’s also left conservatives mocking her for being obsessed with catering to the crackpot wing of her party.

CNN, no friend to conservatives, is also piling on Hillary over this one. The news network notes that she once did have a stand on the issue, when she was Secretary of State.

In fact, she supported it consistently. No less than 45 times.

So while Herself is now saying that “there are some specifics in there that could and should be changed. So I am hoping that’s what happens now — let’s take the lemons and turn it into lemonade,” she’s been firmly in the pro-trade camp in the past.

Specifically, she’s been firmly in the pro-TPP camp in the past.

Check it out for yourself.