Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Megyn Kelly Speaks With Reporter Banned From Hillary’s Campaign

Speaking truth to power is uncomfortable for those in power.

David Martosko is the U.S. political editor for The Daily Mail (an awesome paper, by the way). He was meant to represent his news organization in Hillary Clinton’s press pool on Monday morning.

He was turned away.

“I got there when I was told to get there,” he said to Megyn Kelly last night on her show. “Quarter to eight, I showed up at the parking lot, told them who I was, and they said, ‘No, you can’t come.'”

Martosko also said that he was told around midnight on Monday that the Hillary camp wanted a different person from his news organization representing the pool. That’s probably due to the fact that he had tweeted over the weekend that too many journalists covering Hillary were reporting only what she wanted them to report.

Still, the idea of a political candidate picking and choosing who covers her is not in line with American values.

To their credit, fellow members of the press pool rebuffed Hillary and effectively said, “No, you can’t decide who gets to cover you.”

Check out the video above.