Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

GOP Staffers Were Forced To Turn Their T-Shirts Inside Out At Clinton Speech

Someone doesn’t like an opposing viewpoint.

Look, we’re not going to be too tough on Hillary Clinton over this one. Chances are, the same thing would happen if liberals tried to wear t-shirts covered with words that regurgitate some type of left-wing stupidity at a Scott Walker rally.

Here’s what happened: A GOP Deputy Press Secretary named Raffi Williams attended a speech delivered by Herself at Roosevelt Island today. He was there with a few like-minded people who were wearing “Stop Hillary” shirts.

One Hillary staffer didn’t appreciate those shirts. We can’t be certain, but that’s probably because the staffer doesn’t think it’s a good idea to “stop Hillary.”

So the Republicans got the boot.

However, they were eventually readmitted, under one condition: they had to turn their shirts inside out. That way, when cameras landed on them, the whole world wouldn’t see “Stop Hillary” at a campaign event for Hillary.

We get it. Still, it would have been pretty cool if they could have worn those shirts (the right way) through the entire event.