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Washington Post Columnist: Hillary Owns Part Of Obama’s Foreign Policy And That’s Not An Advantage

Another liability for Hillary Clinton.

Remember, Hillary was President Barack Obama’s secretary of state for four years. That means that she has at least partial ownership of some of his foreign policy failures.

And there are a lot of Obama foreign policy failures.

Philip Bump, of The Washington Post, appeared on MSNBC recently to talk about the fact that Hillary is tethered to the administration’s foreign policy blunders.

“Because Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, she has a level of ownership over this administration’s foreign policy — failures and successes — that other candidates would not, that other Democrats do not,” Bump said. “And so I think this absolutely will play through the entire general election as people look at what she did as secretary of state.”

“I think Benghazi is, to some extent, simply a distraction from that,” he continued. “Because, she also has ownership of the deal with Iran, for example. There are a lot of ways in which she has ownership of the administration’s foreign policy that, so far, doesn’t look like a political advantage.”

Check out the video above.