Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Mark Steyn: Hillary Playing ‘Are You Dumber Than A Bunch Of Rocks?’ With The Electorate

Mark Steyn appeared on Hannity last night to discuss the Hillary Clinton campaign. He unloaded.

“Look, you’ve got Jeff Foxworthy on the show tonight, Sean,” Steyn told host Sean Hannity. “Hillary is playing a brand new game show: ‘Are you dumber than a bunch of rocks?’ Because that’s basically the position she’s taking with the American electorate.”

“She’s engaging in essentially a sort of simulacrum, a miming, of an election campaign,” he continued. “She turned down Ed Henry because she supposedly wants to take the people’s questions. They’re in fact carefully vetted stooges. She has her colleague from the Clinton Foundation, George Stuff-his-pants-with-cash, conduct an utterly fraudulent interview with the author of the book about her. She is engaging in the equivalent of Beyonce miming, lip-syncing to the national anthem at Obama’s inaugural a couple of years ago.”

Tell us how you really feel, Mark.

“At some point, at some point, the press and the American people have to get serious about treating her the way they do any other candidate,” he said.

Check out the video above.