Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

CNN: Voters In Iowa Have Questions For Hillary And She Isn’t Answering Them

Another day, another dodge.

Hillary Clinton still won’t take questions from the press. Normally, this isn’t something that we would think would bother the press a great deal. After all, they’re on her side (or they wouldn’t be part of the press).

However, the mainstream media wigglejaws seem to be none too happy that Herself is dodging their questions. They’re putting their profession over their politics (a rare and welcome feat for that bunch) and passively aggressively demanding that Lady Hillary answer some questions.

Jeff Zeleney from CNN was on hand in Iowa to report on the situation in that state. He said that Hillary has been dodging questions for a while and that the political damage is limited as long as it’s only reporters who are having problems with it.

However, he said, when voters start noticing that Hillary seems too scared to take questions, then she could suffer.

He also said that people in that state have some questions and that Hillary can only go a few more days without answering them.

Check out the video above for more information.