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Ron Fournier: Hillary Campaign Really Believes That Trust Doesn’t Matter

Ron Fournier appeared on the Special Report All-Star panel last night to discuss the latest about Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House. He said that her campaign believes that trust doesn’t matter.

“When you talk to people at the highest levels of the Clinton campaign, it is striking how they really believe — they believe and they will say out loud, that trust is not an issue,” Fournier said. “That their trust matters don’t matter.”

“They look at Clinton who beat Bush and Dole, when his trust numbers were lower than the two of them, and they see from that a lesson that trust doesn’t matter,” he continued. “And what they don’t realize is the whole world has changed since then.”

But has it changed for the better?

Fournier went on to point out that Hillary is not her husband. Presumably, that’s a reference to the “Slick Willie” aspect of her husband’s political persona. He was adept at making himself look good to the American people, even when he was a lying sack.

She simply doesn’t have that aptitude.

Check out the video above for more information.