Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

MSNBC Host: Hey, How Does Hillary Tackle Income Inequality While Her Husband Makes So Much Money?

On the plus side, Hillary Clinton is no longer telling anyone that she’s “dead broke.”

MSNBC host Alex Wagner is, like, totally confused. She doesn’t understand how Herself can go around the country crowing about income inequality while her husband rakes in the cash.

If she keeps on making common-sense observations like that, then she’s going to lose her job at MSNBC. Roger Ailes will offer her a position at Fox, though.

Wagner said: “I don’t really understand how Hillary Clinton can be marching forward with a progressive reform agenda that tackles income inequality as its central tenant while Bill Clinton is having very splashy events around the world with big dollar donors who are standing on stage taking photos of him and bottles of coke as basically a product endorsement. I think it just dramatically complicates the optics of this…”

Welcome to the party, Mizzz Wagner. Or shall we call you Mizzz White House Chef?

It seems as though MSNBC has been piling on Hillary quite a bit lately. We think that they’re cheering for a more progressive candidate to get in the race, preferably one who might be electable (i.e., not Bernie Sanders).

There’s method to their madness.

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy watching the circular firing squad.

Extra butter on our popcorn, please!